Steel Metal Roof Installation in Colleyville TX

Steel Metal Roofing in Colleyville

Want your house to look a little more modern? Tired of replacing shingles over and over? Does your roof not withstand the natural elements? If you are asking these questions, then you need to talk to Colleyville Metal Roofers for a Steel Metal roof replacement.

Or perhaps you already have a steel metal roof that needs repair. Our roofers are specialized in metal roofing and can fix any type of metal roof. These include Standing Seam metal roofing, metal paneling, free metal roofing, copper, and even aluminum roofing.

Eventually, you may be looking at listing your house in the Colleyville area. Metals roofs can increase a home’s resale value as well as its capability to insulate efficiently. Steel shingles can last for 50 years or often longer, meaning, a basic metal roof will last 3-7 times longer than a typical asphalt shingles roof, which would need to be replaced every decade or so.

If you are considering a metal roof, there are several options you need to consider. These factors of what kind of metal roof to use focus on the location and desires of your next project. Metals like aluminum, pure zinc, and copper will resist the decomposition. Need more strength in your roof? Consider Galvalume or zinc-coated steel for strongest metal. Our roofing contractors are skilled to do both.

Competitive Pricing on Metal Roofs

Metal roofing is inherently more expensive than traditional asphalt shingle roofing. However, Colleyville Roofing resources to the best companies to offer competitive prices for all the metal sales you need. With each consecutive metal panels, we can provide the best deals that are offered. Steel panel roofing is inherently the best material you can protect yourself from any storm from large hail, heavy snowfall, beaming sun rays that can melt asphalt.

If not installed correctly, metal roofs can fail at the seams. It is imperative to have your metal roof installed by an experienced and qualified contractor, like Colleyville Metal Roofers. With each installation, we put our best quality into each project, and we can deliver metal roof repair service to any greater Dallas area. This includes Keller, Euless, Bedford, Southlake, and Grapevine.

Customize your own personal roof today, enlist our Colleyville roofing service for a custom metal room of your choosing! Metal roof panels come in a variety of colors and can change the entire look of your home in an instant.

Steel Metal Roof Misconceptions

Many individuals hold the misconception that metal roofs attract lightning. This is mostly because people know that metal is a strong conductor of electricity, therefore people tend to believe that a metal roof is hazardous in a lightning storm. The truth is lightning strikes where it can get to the ground the fastest and most roofs are not connected to the ground. Your metal roof is as susceptible to lightning strikes as any roof building material.

Any problems with metal roofing you think there are will be a second thought once you get one installed with our skilled roofing business, Colleyville Metal Roofers. Call TODAY for your FREE estimate!