Standing Seam Roofing in Colleyville TX

Standing Seam Metal Roofing in Colleyville

Standing Seam Metal Roofing is a fully interlocking roof system. Its unique, mechanical-lock design establishes a weather-tight unit; and unlike some other types of panel metal roofs, no rivets or screws are exposed on the surface of the panels. Traditional standing seam roofs are installed from a specialty roofing manufacturer. The most visually striking feature is the actual interlocking seam for each vertical metal roof panel.

If you like the modern style of raised metal seams and clean lines, then consider installing this system on your home. A standing seam metal roof will not only compliment your home, but it will also give it that contemporary look and feel, along with its unmatched durability, longevity, and energy efficiency. It may be installed on new construction or applied over existing roofs. Standing seam roofs can also help improve the overall energy efficiency of a house, as well as the best protection against snow and ice dams during the winter months.

Standing Seam is composed of panels, which can be manufactured to any predetermined length. The panels are coated with a coating System that allows for weather-wicking and provides an extremely durable and attractive surface. Each panel is roll formed with a ribbed contour to give added strength. A uniquely designed ridge on each panel provides a secure system to interlock all the panels together. You can trust Colleyville Metal Roofers to have the right custom sized for your roof.

Standing Seam weighs considerably less than most other types of roofing systems. No special preparation is needed, resulting in less structural cost. You can get a wide selection of standing seam profiles available in galvanized steel, galvalume steel, and aluminum

Metal Roof Installation in Colleyville

Standing seam metal roofing is labeled a “cool roof” by the US Environmental Protection Agency. This is because metal roofs can be painted any assorted color, including lighter colors that will prevent solar heat gain on the roof. Composition shingles are more difficult to paint than metal roofs. Not only do metal roofs prevent solar gain but are non-combustible. A metal roof will never catch on fire like a cedar or asphalt roof. Metal roofs protection from tornado winds because of a metal roofing system with high wind uplift ratings.

Colleyville Metal Roofers offer an exceedingly durable metal roofing product available in a variety of assorted colors, creating a widespread palette for homeowners and designers. This can be customized to aged copper, weathered texture, solid copper, black, deep charcoal grey, musket grey, hunter green, mahogany brown, colonial brown and finally, Spanish tile red.

Our roofers here at Colleyville require specialized training in efficiency on know how to install standing seam roofs and have a portfolio of past work to demonstrate their experience and expertise. We feature a much more efficient and cost-effective process that has proven itself time and time again in energy efficiency on standing seam roof installations. Not only are we talking Effectiveness, but much more Durable and Affordable.

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